About Rural Tourism

Rural Tourism is an activity that takes place in non-urban areas that showcases the art, culture, heritage and native life at the rural locations. Activities in which the visitors experiences a wide range of products and services linked to nature and agriculture like farming, fishery, craft and various aspects of rural lifestyle.

Rural tourism activities focuses on rural areas with low population density, landscape and land use dominated by agriculture, forestry, traditional and social structure, rural lifestyle, heritage, nature etc.

India’s large part is rural and a large population resides in rural areas. The village life in India is where you meet the real India. So, the Rural tourism has a high potential to stimulate rural India’s economic growth and also social change, because of its complementarity with other activities like, creation and retention of jobs, creation of new business opportunities, revitalization of local art and crafts being aligned with the vision of “Atmanirbhar Bharat” and also with the mantra of “Vocal for Local”.


To leverage India's rural heritage in creating a vibrant and responsible tourism segment by creating engaging rural experiences thereby promoting indigenous jobs, and preserving local culture and heritage.


To facilitate an enabling environment comprising of Government, Industry, NGO, Community for development and promotion of rural tourism in the Country.


Key Strategic Pillars

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