Silver Awardees

Shergaon Village, Arunachal Pradesh

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Shergaon has been recognized as the Best Tourism Village 2023 in Silver Category.
Shergaon is nestled in the cradle of the Himalayas embracing the emerald forests and snow-capped peaks.

The village offers the perfect blend of the culture and nature. The village bestows the tourist seeking peace with its serene nature and charismatic performing arts like Azulampu Dance, Zaam Dance, Pridochhepchi Festival.

Collaborative efforts of the state Tourism board, village, National and international organizations like Wildlife Trusts of India, WWF, Global Tiger Forum etc. to improve the tourism and environmental conditions of the village.


Shergaon is situated in west Kameng district, Arunachal Pradesh. Its experiences a temperate climate throughout the year. The village is home to a number of attractions and landmarks that offer a glimpse into region’s rich cultural heritage (Shergaon Monastery, Sangti Valley, Bomdila Monastery and the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary).

The village has the population of 3077 according to 2011 census. Annual tourist inflow of domestic is 8098 and international 119. Total number of accommodation 15 number (8 no. of Homestay and 7 no. of Farm stay) and total number of Beds is 70 number.


Nature and Cultural OrientedTourism(The village promotes its natural attraction and unique culturegiving significant importance to the forest, waterfalls and orchard with caves and local heritage. Like Chhoskhorong Waterfall, State Horticulture Orchard, Trout Hatchery, Pridochhepchi Festivals, Zaam dance and Azulampu Dance.)


1. Morshing Village

2. Chillipam Village

3. Rupa Village

4. Muchaksing Village.

5. Jigaon Village.


1. The village is well known for forestry, agriculture and horticultural resources.

2. The village works on a community library and bamboo art.

3. Community came together to learn on Traditional Conservation method from their elders.

4. Youth of Shergaon act as conservation ambassadors to motivate locals to give up the traditional practice of hunting Asiatic black bears.

5. The initiative has been taken by International Fund for Animal-Welfare Trust od India (IFAW-WTI) to spread the message of conservation among the villagers of Shergaon, for which they have partnered with a local NGO (GarungThuk).

6. The village started preserving historical sites, making documentary films on both natural and culture assets.

7. Young generation started learning local dance forms and showcase at various platforms.

8. Many Archeological sites have been protected and maintained.

9. Villagers ban hunting birds and butterflies and total ban on felling trees for commercial purpose.

10. The village law doesn’t allow people to fell trees by Chain Shaw machine since 1992.

11. Traditional methods are followed in agriculture and fishing without using chemicals and electrifications.

12. The village celebrates Rhododendron Festival every year since 2017.

13. Different kind of workshop also been conducted in the village like traditional mask making workshop in association withGarungThuk NGO.

14. Conducting plantation drives every year with students and community, spread awareness programs on Wildlife Tourism, birding, butterflies, forestry and National Parks.

15. Held Nature based festivals by inviting renowned Researchers, writers, adventurers and NGOs across India.


1. Through Rhododendron festivals community established two major community Rhododendron Garden locally known as Khuadak Minto garden of 6.4 hectare and 2 hectares separately.

2. Community adopted Chhoskhorong river and started conserving it since 2015.

3. Young boys are engaged as local guide, taxi hiring, cook etc. while young girls are engaged in selling local products.

4. Tourism has help them to set up homestays and shops, which cater their need of tourists.

5. Local juices are produced of rhododendron flower by local women of the village.

6. Tourist activities like Paragliding began by NGO name Himalayan Goat Alliance with other activities such as hiking, trekking, nature walk, birding, etc.

7. The village emphasis on the community participation rather than just the SHGs for local NGOs.

8. Documentary film called Kro-Cheykor has been awarded as the best promo video by the State Govt on Tourism Day 2017.

9. Community Library act as Cultural Interpretation Centre (CIC) and nature interpretation Centre (NIC) and also act as platform wherein youths interact in this place with the elders of the village and resource persons comes outside of the village.

10. Students who come from outside Shergaon from different states are accommodation in clan houses. They basically come for exposure on rural tourism and community development.